I grew up in a Minnesota suburb, which I suspect is more similar to Sweden than to many other states.  My parents immigrated from a rural farming village in Taiwan, effectively moving from a sauna to the frozen tundra.  They didn't have any family or much money, but they jumped at the chance to study software engineering while living on 8 mile in Detroit, and vie for a job in "The Beautiful Country".  It was a pretty crazy move, all in all.  They raised me with the same reckless optimism.  I was shuttled around the country for tennis tournaments, piano competitions, math courses.  An unintended consequence of having such a transient relationship with my school and town is I grew up as a bit of an outsider, on the periphery of many different loosely knit, geographically dispersed communities.  Through that I learned most people are pretty much the same at their core, and through all of our geopolitical-social conflicts, the one quality the world always needs more of is empathy.  This is one of the many strengths of Minnesotans which I hope I can spread to more of the world.

I'll be using this blog to record my thoughts and learnings from my experiences as a venture capitalist and startup product builder, inspired by a more open, connected, educated, and empathetic society.